Below are some of the colour editions of the St Neot News. These have all been privately sponsored or funded from a grant.











This website will cease to exist on the

26th October 2017.

St Neot News will be published on its own page on the village website.



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Additional Pages on Website


When an important issue of public concern arises in the Village an additional page can be put on the website to accommodate the thoughts and feelings of St Neot residents. It is hoped that input from both sides of the discussion will be sent in to provide a balanced view.





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Council Minutes and Agendas 

PLEASE look on the correct page when wanting to view the Council Minutes etc. They are on the Council Minutes page on the St site. Click on this link to view. Then click on the appropriate blue button on the left of the front page.


From October 2013 the Monthly issues will be in Gallery Page format on this website.






The most "modern" St Neot News series is now in its 13th year of production (2014). The oldest edition we have of the previous series of St Neot News is 1907. Do you know of an earlier one?


 As you can see from the photo above of the front page of the first edition back in 2002 the format has changed only slightly. But the quality of printing has improved considerably. This allows us to include photos of a much higher quality.


If you wish to contact the Editor regarding editorial queries please do so via the address:-

 Welcome to the

St Neot News Website


There are now a number of St Neot residents, and those (wherever they may be) who wish to read the News, who value the option of viewing the News on-line. This will of course also mean that our local magazine (obviously everything in it also) will be able to be seen by the whole world! 


The News is available in an e-friendly way. All monthly issues on this site will have photos in colour (when provided) as produced on a DTP programme. We cannot do this for the printed copies as funds are not available from the council to allow this. Private sponsorship has enabled limited colour issues in the past. (see below) The current year of archives will be held on the website.


Eleven issues are published per year. The printing is currently done by the “County Council” at a very favourable rate. It is not possible to have an individual issue done for January as the council printing department does not work between Christmas and the New Year.


Increasing costs of posting the news to all St Neot residents in the parish but outside the main village and the hand delivery to the village centre are constantly under review. Many more St Neotians now have computers, making the News available in that way is a very low cost option to us (and the council). All of the work done by the team is done voluntarily.



 "Wasn't it wet this Summer!"


Every month the News prints the amount of precipitation we have had in the parish.

The figures are kindly provided for us by Audrey Dennis of Carpuan. An example is shown below.


During November 2011 we had 90.9 mm of rain which fell on 16 days. In December we had 247.5 mm (9.74 inches) of rain which fell on 27 days. The total for 2011 was 1220.1 mm (48 inches, four feet of rain!!). However, the average yearly over the past 11 years was 1375.3 mm. and the average during 1991 to 2000 was 1441.3.




Contributions for the St Neot News

should be sent to


The last day for sending contributions for inclusion in the next magazine is still the 18th of every month.


Adverts placed in the magazine will of course appear in the printed copy of the month. However adverts that appear in copies that are on the website will only be on the web page for one month.


The initial concept of the News included an option for local businesses within the parish (or businesses owned by people living in the parish) to advertise at a low cost. We now usually only print quarter page adverts for businesses but allow some public service adverts to be bigger. We limit the number of adverts to avoid becoming and “Ad Mag” that won’t be read by St Neotians. Quarter page adverts are currently £3.50 per issue.





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